Psychotherapy is a talking therapy used to treat emotional and social problems, as well as mental health issues. It works with conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, fears and wishes. It aims to help you find better ways to cope and/or bring about changes in your behavior and thinking to improve your wellbeing. Read more

What Is Psychotherapy?

The first session will be an initial consultation which will last for fifty minutes. It is vital that you feel comfortable with me in order for us to establish the trust to work on personal issues you might not feel able to discuss with anyone else. In this time we will determine whether ongoing therapy would be helpful, or if a suitable referral would be best to address the issue.

Having agreed to work together, sessions may be once or twice weekly for fifty minutes. These may last for as few as six weeks, with short term counselling, to over a year, with open-ended psychotherapy, depending on what your goal is and how severe your symptoms are.

What To Expect

The Therapeutic Setting

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I work in collaboration with The Practice Rooms in Summertown, Oxford. This enables me to work within an environment best suited for healing and support.